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SAP CRM Web UI Development: F4 Value Help


F4 Value Help is a very common type of fields in any user interface. As an example, this page describes what we did for the F4 Value Help and its functions. We can provide a F4 Value Help for a business object attribute, displayed on a view of a CRM Web UI component.

If you have such development or enhancement requirements, please feel free to contact us for more information. Thank you.

   F4 Value Help

   General Functions for a F4 Value Help

    1. We can use Reference Structure Field for the F4 Value Help;
    2. Use the DDIC specific Search Help;
    3. Use the Reference Data Element for the F4 Value Help;
    4. Custom Search Help such as as custom table.
    5. The F4 Value help can be put in the advanced search as well.

  F4 Value Help Demo

<Demo: F4 Value Help for a New Field in SAP CRM Web UI.>
<Demo: F4 Value Help for a New Field in SAP CRM Web UI.>

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Last Updated@Feb 2009

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